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Ansu's Village_Cov.jpg

Ansu's Village

Theresa Akuye Amui


32 pages


Have you ever been to a village? 

If you have not, Ansu is here to tell you all about his village and the exciting people who live there. The people in his village are kind and they love visitors. It seems that all the villagers have their opposites. Where there’s ‘a big’ there’s ‘a small’. Where there’s ‘a weak’ there’s ‘a strong’. 

Together they are all happy and make Ansu feel at home.



Anthony Kwamlah Johnson


48 pages


In front of Mr Dongo's house on the hill are two identical tall trees.

For years, the trees provide shade and protect the house.

Mata, the youngest girl in the family decides to name the trees, Twin Trees.

One day, two men from the city meet Mr Dongo and persuade him to sell the trees for a large sum of money. The family agree except Mata...

Honey Tree_Cov_elgl.jpg

Honey Tree

Anguah Sarpong


32 pages


Ekuba loves to volunteer and share with her friends and community. One day, on her way to pick fruits to share with her friends, she ran into greedy, sneaky Spidey. 

Spidey loves to cheat, lie and is very ungrateful. Find out what happens to him because Ekuba had a lesson to teach him.

sticky scarecrow (cover)_elgl.jpg

Sticky Scarecrow

Anguah Sarpong


32 pages


You think Spidey learnt any lesson from the bees’ stings? Well here he is at it again. This time with more tricks and even more determined to discover Ekuba’s secret. Well, what did he find? This time, Ekuba and her new fella, were yet to teach Spidey one more lesson.

Pieces of the Portrait_Cover.jpg

Pieces of the Portrait 

Linda Yaa Ampah


168 pages


The author has opened up and shared her story in a powerful way that will move the reader. Her story will help those who have gone through similar experiences to heal and to save future generations from going through similar experiences. 

The author shares some of her mistakes, survival strategies, and some lessons she has learnt over the years. The fact that she survived to where she is in life today serves as an encouragement that you rise against all odds to succeed in life by faith in God. 

For parents this book shares some important strategies on how to protect and empower our daughters. It questions some of the traditional approaches we have adopted as a society in dealing with problems that girls face like understanding their bodies and sexuality. It boldly touches on taboo issues like rape, sexual abuse, paedophilia, and incest which are very prevalent in our society but are swept under the rug to protect society at large whiles the victims are left to suffer in silence.

This book tells us some uncomfortable truths we need to hear so that we can sit up and protect the precious girls and women God has put in our lives. 

No Vengeance Cov.jpg

No Vengeance

Kwasi Koranteng


208 pages


Colonel Barlow had cheated death many years back. He had been forced into exile by the man who had wanted him dead at the time of the uprising. He is back and must meet his adversary. He has returned with his son Kit, a battle tested soldier. 

Why does Sonday refuse to meet him face to face? Does he fear reprisal? And what is the cause of his nightmares? Meanwhile where is the blue diamond




Kwasi Koranteng


32 pages


Notorious Kwaku Ananse has been active in the galamsey business. He has brought strangers with guns to dig for illegal gold. They are destroying the beautiful environment. The animals of the forest are not happy. Then Sawteeth returns from one of his trips. Will he be able to lead the animals to attack and drive away the galamsey people?

An Angel in Mucky Shorts_Cov_1.jpg

An Angel in Mucky Shorts

Elizabeth-Irene Baitie


72 pages


Things are going from bad to worse in Rabi’s life.

  • She told her classmates that her tree at home had the sweetest mangoes. And she promised to bring some to school to prove it.  But every day someone steals the fruit from the tree! How will her mates ever believe her now? And who is this sneaky mango thief?

  • Dreadful Auntie Sakwaa has come to live with them and is stinking up Rabi’s house with her green horse medicine.

  • Her disgusting cousin comes to stay, and he turns her own little brother against her!

Just as Rabi thinks her life couldn’t be more messed up, she meets an angel. And it wasn’t wearing a sparkling white robe.

Mine for the Value - Daniel Oduro.jpg

Mine for the Value

Daniel Oduro

978-9988-3-1355-5 (Ebook)

978-9988-3-1350-0 (Hardcopy)

116 pages


The ultimate aim of the book is to reinforce the business management orientation required in product management and also strongly underscore the fact that business is won at the frontlines. The win is convincing when every player in the front-line team has a deepened understanding of the products and services that represent the main arsenal of the business.

As demonstrated in the book, it is only when team approach is adopted for most key product and service initiatives that impactful results get achieved.

This book is highly recommended for customer service officers, branch managers, product managers, branch operation managers, call center staff, the analytics team, operational risk team members and IT support crew.


Towards a Sustainable Community Approach

Sophia Akushie Wittmann


44 pages


A report on the collaborative support programme in the Akim Anamase traditional area of Ghana which reveals a number of findings and suggests in general, that there is an active community indigenous system around which local actors organise their livelihood and sustenance.

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