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About Us

Education Logistics started operations in February 2018. The company is committed to the effective development of education in Ghana and the quality production of books and other teaching and learning materials.


Education Logistics brings together a host of talents and professionals such as editors, curriculum experts, writers, illustrators, designers, photographers, printers, etc. to achieve the harmony of the particular project or material being produced. Quality, efficiency, timeliness and customer loyalty are our hallmarks.


At EduLogistics we believe that books have a spirit as they are able to transform, renew and change lives. Books are therefore produced with the utmost care and attention that each deserves. In the end, the book must be ‘sweet’, soothing, influential, transformational, entertaining and set deep in the heart and mind of the reader.


Please drop us a line or two about how you feel about any of our titles. These experiences are worth more than gold to us. God richly bless you.

EduLogistics: Home of ‘Sweet’ books

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