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Kuuku and I
Maame the Mermaid

Kuuku and I

E.J. Awoonor Ahiable


32 pages


In a world full of humongous slimy monsters, happiness bandits, disagreeable cats, and homework, two brothers are here to protect you. They are best friends. They have cool costumes. They are simply too awesome. They are the…NINJABROS!

With the Ninjabros around, all cupboards are less scary. All bad guys are seriously scared. Disagreeable cats are still…disagreeable because you know, cats… and homework, we will get to that later. But you better call them in the afternoon before nightfall because their mom does not play with their bedtime.


So, who are the Ninjabros? Put on your cape and let’s go find out!

This book promotes social inclusion and cerebral palsy awareness.

Maame the Mermaid

Taylor Widrig


32 pages


Maame the Mermaid invites young readers into a story about endangered sea creatures of West Africa and what makes the ocean so important to Maame’s community.


This book also features educational information and activities, and brings ocean conservation and environmental issues into awareness.

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